Measuring Agile Success - Evidence Based Management Workshop

Measuring Agile Success - Evidence Based Management Workshop

This one day practical workshop will enable you to understand your organisation and how to successfully influence wider adoption of agile ways of working. The workshop is delivered by experts who understand change from the behavioural, cultural and agile perspective.

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Measuring Agile Success - Evidence Based Management Workshop

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The Course

Evidence-based, or empirical, measurement and governance models help organizations to better understand, help, and guide their agile initiatives. Agile approaches help organizations more effectively deliver value under conditions of uncertainty, and evidence-based management helps organizations understand how to better help teams to deliver value by giving them better insights into their achievements and challenges.

  • Understanding when, where, and why organizations need agility
  • Product health and how to measure it in 4 dimensions
  • Unrealized Value
  • Ability to Innovate
  • Time to Market
  • Current Value
  • How to apply EBM to managing agile initiatives
  • How to get started

On this course you’ll learn:

  • Why people’s behaviour is situational and the tension that exists during agile transformations
  • How to use the example of your pioneers to change the behaviour of the group
  • Practical skills to apply insights to real challenges you face

The training is aimed at:

  • Senior product/LOB execs who need their organisations to engage more frequently and deeply with customers
  • Senior leaders who are sponsoring an agile transformation
  • Organisational change team members who will be helping their organisations through an agile transformation
  • Scrum Masters and anyone on a Scrum Team who wants to know more about how to measure and guide a team based on evidence

This is a full day, classroom based workshop facilitated by two trainers, Simon Reindl (APD) and Patricia Kong (Scrum.Org). Attendees will work in small groups and learn through discussion and hands-on practical exercises throughout the day. It’s designed to be a highly interactive, engaging and enjoyable day.

Attendees make the most of the day if they have experienced or currently work in an organisation introducing or embedding agile practices. We encourage attendees to bring specific examples of challenges they face in order that we can contextualise training with real problems wherever possible.

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