Visual Studio

Advanced Product Delivery has a proven expertise with working with Visual Studio. We work with your team to develop their capability to administer, maintain and use Visual Studio.

Health Check Review

Visual Studio is continuously evolving. Its online version is updated every three weeks, while its server on premises solution is updated every three months. In a busy team, administration of the Team Foundation Server (TFS) is often an afterthought.

A review of your installation can improve confidence around your deployment and reduce the risk of service disruption. As part of this review, we’ll assess all aspects of your Visual Studio installation, including:

  • setup and updates
  • configuration
  • disaster recovery
  • team project collection and team project configuration


All products benefit from maintenance and tuning. We’ll produce and/or review your maintenance plan to keep your implementation on track. Our full review covers areas such as:

  • security
  • database maintenance
  • performance


Moving from one tool to another can be daunting. With proven experience in this field, we’ll help you decide what to move to and when. Let us help when you need to change:

  • from a tool such as SVN, Visual Source Safe to TFS
  • from Work Management to TFS
  • your server infrastructure
  • from physical to virtual machines
  • from server on premises to Visual Studio Team Services


Upgrades give you the full benefits and improved functionality that come with the latest versions of your organisation’s software. At APD, we’ll help you get up to speed when you upgrade from:

  • 2005 to 2015 editions of TFS
  • physical to virtual infrastructure
  • server on premises to Visual Studio Online

Free 30 minute Visual Studio consultation

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