Change and Growth

16 Jun 2021

You don’t grow a plant by pulling at the leaves

On Tuesday 08 June 2021 I shared a session at the Improving Edge conference. This was a free virtual event where many topics around agility, leadership and technology were shared.

While we are all living in times of accelerating change and uncertainty, it is our role as leaders to invite and support growth and change – within ourselves, within our team, and within our clients and partner companies.

Like living agile, easy to say and a bit harder to do.

I shared a few ideas on how we front up as leaders, and how do we inspire and nurture that growth around us. There are 7 habits I will refered to:

  • Be genuine
  • Pick a framework
  • Short Feedback loops
  • Trust
  • Look outside
  • Bootstraps up
  • Get ‘er done

You don’t grow a plant by pulling at the leaves, and people don’t change by tugging at them!

The share below are the slides that I used in the presentation, including the results from the surveys that were run during the sesion.

You don't grow a plant by pulling at the leaves from Simon Reindl

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