Agile and Consulting

Using a Scrum and Agile based approach to change management, we work with your team to help achieve constructive and enduring changes to your organisation.

Sometimes, you need expert professional advice from an external consultant. There’ll also be times when you have the answer within – but just have to find it.

At APD, we’ll give you the benefit of both approaches. We’ll work with your people at organisational, team and individual levels to ensure everyone understands the benefits of the changes you’re making.


The focus is on you, and what you want. After collaboratively exploring the outcomes that you want to achieve, a roadmap is developed. Using regular focussed sessions, we help you work towards your goals.

  • Individual led
  • Goal focused
  • One-to-one relationship

Team Review

Looking at the team, and the team interactions can help the team achieve their potential in becoming a high performing team. By observing the team at work and their interactions with each other and outside the team.

  • People interaction
  • Process flow and understanding
  • Technical review

Integration & Scaling Review

The goal of scaling teams is to consistently build one integrated potentially releasable increment. How this is done is unique to every organisation and product. Working collaboratively we will explore the constraints and outcomes that will guide the steps towards better value delivery.

Do you know your core metrics?

We regularly measure core metrics. These provide us with objective, empirical information that will guide change in your organisation. Our three key metrics are:

  • time to market
  • current value
  • ability to innovate

Regularly measuring these metrics will provide objective, empirical information to guide the change in your organisation.

How do you use your metrics?

Collecting data that is not used is a waste of time and effort. Having a framework to act on the new understanding is key. Which metrics are the result of your efforts, and which reflect changes in the market?

Are you getting the value you need from your investment?

Change is hard, and can be expensive. What is the return on investment for the change program? Where is your limited budget best invested?

Organisational Agility

By using Scrum and Agile techniques, we'll help you effect meaningful lasting change.

Measure Value:

Change is complex. We’ll provide a framework that’ll help you make the right changes for your organisation at any given moment.

A generic structure may be quick and easy to adopt, but will it be sustainable? And will it give you the benefits you need?

The Agility Path framework will help you decide what to do next. Like Scrum, it gives your stakeholders full transparency and control over risk management.

Having gathered all the relevant data, we’ll help you make informed decisions about where you can improve at the next stage of your product development.

As this is an iterative and incremental process, we can review and adjust our approach as necessary. This maximises value while and reducing risk.

Use a data driven approach to change:

Change works best when everyone fully understands their role. The first step towards this understanding is a clear guiding vision.

Our iterative and incremental approach to achieve this vision will help you build a learning culture in your organisation.

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