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Servant-leaders. Entrepreneurs. Story tellers. Certified in Scrum and Visual Studio. Advanced Product Delivery is a consultancy founded on experience. We work with small teams through to large organisations to improve the way they deliver products. In this way, we've helped to transform countless organisations.


We focus on the here and now and find realistic ways to achieve your goals. With APD, you’ll have a plan that everyone will understand and enjoy bringing to life.


Our constructive, helpful approach builds success incrementally. This will help you decide where - and how – you’ll achieve the most effective and enduring change.


Competent and assured, we use our experience and understanding to serve your best interests. And, using Scum values, we act with respect and transparency.

    • Simon Reindl | Founder & Director

      An experienced author, coach, trainer, speaker and technologist, Simon has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations in the private and public sectors adopt new technology and add value to their products and services. Simon has worked with clients including Rockwell Collins, ASOS, Surrey County Council, Department for Transport, BP, Tesco.com, Nationwide Building Society and ITV.

      He is qualified to leads a wide range of Professional Scrum Training courses and coaches people at all levels – whether in technical or managerial roles.

      Simon enjoys helping clients build products that delight customers. He achieves this by engaging with people and helping them improve their performance.

      Simon is one of the stewards of the Professional Scrum Master course.

      He is an Agility Path Engagement Manager with Scrum.org. In this role, he helps to make the full resources and value of the Scrum.org offering accessible to clients of APD.

      Professional Scrum Trainer and Engagement Manager with Scrum.org.

      Worked in a wide range of business domains all around the world.

      Skilled coach, trainer, and developer.

      Worked with all sizes of organisations, from single teams, to large multinational companies.

    • Andy Hiles

      His first agile experience was in 2003 working as part of a small development team within the British Computing Society. It was there that Andy learned the true value of how close stakeholder interaction with rapid feedback can lead to teams producing great results while retaining a significant focus on return on investment and business value.

      Andy has worked with software delivery for both product and service organisations. He is an experienced Scrum Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer with recent examples of his ability to build up new Scrum teams through to becoming highly successful Scrum delivery practitioners.

      LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ahiles

      Web: https://agilerocks.co.uk

    • Steve Trapps

      Steve has over 20 years of IT experience in various roles, ranging from Scrum Master for various development teams, Technical Architect on high profile projects to a Developer who is just happy to be coding away. During this time, Steve has worked for sector-leading companies BSkyB, Nestle UK and Procter & Gamble whilst also working for small to medium enterprises to help them to grow their business by supporting their development processes and the teams within.

      In addition to being a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org, Steve is a TOGAF certified architect and a former Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

      Steve has worked in various teams (Scrum and none Scrum) so comes packed with real life experience. From Start Ups building the next social media network up to large corporations handling thousands of transactions a second. If you want to learn from someone who has been there and done it, then Steve would be able to share experiences to help you on your way.

      LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/stevetrapps

      Website: www.TheAgileTrainer.com

    • Wojciech Walczak

      Agile, Systems Thinking & Lean practitioner who got pulled into consulting, teaching, training, coaching and research. Diverse Agile-related experience obtained on all organisational levels and in various companies, countries and cultures. Professional Scrum Trainer, i.e. eligible of providing Scrum.org courses. Strong believer in Agile as a pragmatic approach to new product development.

      LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wwalczak/

      Website: systemsthinkers.com
    • Dan Brown

      I’m passionate about helping organisations transform, to improve service delivery to customers, and improve the working lives of people within the organisation. I happen to be a coach, teacher and speaker, focusing on Lean Kanban and Agile. I’m sometimes called KanbanDan and I’m a Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), ICAgile Authorized Instructor and Certified Professional in Agile Coaching and Agile Facilitation. I am a Scrum.Org Professional Scrum Master and lapsed Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional.

      I’ve coached at organisations such as the Ministry Of Justice, Barclays, HSBC, Adventures With Agile, Government Digital Service, ASOS, the BBC, and YouView TV. I’ve spoken at many conferences including Global Scrum Gathering, Agile Cambridge, Agile in the City, Agile Manchester, BCS London Lean Kanban Days, LKU Lean Kanban Central Europe, UK and Benelux. I help to run the worlds most active Kanban community of interest: the Kanban Coaching Exchange in London

      Linked In Profile: Dan Brown Linked In


    • Agnieszka Merta 

      A consultant helping organisations in improving their capabilities of delivering business value. She started in 2011 from exploring the subject of business process optimisation as part of her PhD studies. Since then, she has been expanding her expertise to help organisations in their journey towards Agility by serving as a Scrum Master or Systems Thinking consultant.

      Linked In Profile: Agnieszka Merta Linked In

    • Oscar Styf

      Striving towards making the world a happier place to work, Oscar is a lean-agile coach that focuses on helping the business understand not only the how, but also the why. Known for his calm and pragmatic approach, Oscar has leveraged lean and agile methods in both single team and scaled environments within industries as diverse as FinTech, Medical Devices and Oil & Gas to deliver products in software, hardware, research and construction.

      In the words of one happy customer: “I was most impressed by his ability to speak to anyone in the organization and simply explain the principles behind Lean and Agile in language that made sense to them, whatever their background. His calm and friendly demeanor made him popular with the teams and managers alike and we would have him back anytime.”

      LinkedIn Profile

    • Simon Burdett

      As a software tester Simon was first introduced to working with agility in 2013 and his career quickly accelerated towards servant leadership and coaching. Within 3 years he had been promoted to the role of ScrumMaster and served a team to deliver a truly organisational shifting project through the migration of circa 600,000 customers.

      Since becoming a Scrum Master in 2016 Simon has immersed himself in the agile community, co-facilitating events, mentoring and coaching fellow professionals. Seeing his relative inexperience as an opportunity to learn and grow, Simon has a voracious appetite for absorbing information, approaches and challenging himself, he is versed in, amongst others: Scrum, KanBan, XP, Management 3.0 and non-violent communication.

      Simon has grown a reputation as an adept facilitator, with experience of executing effective 30 and 20 person cross-department project retrospectives and in 2018, facilitating Google Venture Sprints for a team developing a greenfield product.

      Linked In Profile

    • Ian  Mitchell

      Ian Mitchell’s experience in iterative and incremental delivery began with a PhD in object-oriented rapid prototyping in 1997. He then worked as a developer for several years where he witnessed the failure of many initiatives that were allegedly implementing Scrum. He realized that his true vocation was to help teams and organizations to better understand agile practice. Dr. Mitchell has a particular focus on evidence-based enterprise transformation and is the curator of a related site, agilepatterns.org. A Scrum advocate and accredited Professional Scrum Trainer, he is a veteran member of the scrum.org forums.

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