About APD

Servant-leaders. Entrepreneurs. Story tellers. Certified in Scrum and Visual Studio. Advanced Product Delivery is a consultancy founded on experience. We work with small teams through to large organisations to improve the way they deliver products. In this way, we've helped to transform countless organisations.


We focus on the here and now and find realistic ways to achieve your goals. With APD, you’ll have a plan that everyone will understand and enjoy bringing to life.


Our constructive, helpful approach builds success incrementally. This will help you decide where - and how – you’ll achieve the most effective and enduring change.


Competent and assured, we use our experience and understanding to serve your best interests. And, using Scum values, we act with respect and transparency.

  • Simon Reindl | Founder & Director

    An experienced coach, trainer, speaker and technologist, Simon has 18 years’ experience in helping organisations in the private and public sectors adopt new technology and add value to their products and services. Simon has worked with clients including Rockwell Collins, ASOS, Surrey County Council, Department for Transport, BP, Tesco.com, Nationwide Building Society and ITV.

    He is qualified to lead the full range of Professional Scrum Training courses (PSF, PSD .NET, PSM, PSPO) and coach people at all levels – whether in technical or managerial roles.

    Simon enjoys helping clients write software that delights customers. He achieves this by engaging with people and helping them improve their performance.

    He is an Agility Path Engagement Manager with Scrum.org. In this role, he helps to make the full resources and value of the Scrum.org offering accessible to clients of APD.

    Professional Scrum Trainer and Engagement Manager with Scrum.org.

    Worked in a wide range of business domains all around the world.

    Skilled coach, trainer, and developer.

    Worked with all sizes of organisations, from single teams, to large multinational companies.

  • Andy Hiles

    His first agile experience was in 2003 working as part of a small development team within the British Computing Society. It was there that Andy learned the true value of how close stakeholder interaction with rapid feedback can lead to teams producing great results while retaining a significant focus on return on investment and business value.

    Andy has worked with software delivery for both product and service organisations. He is an experienced Scrum Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer with recent examples of his ability to build up new Scrum teams through to becoming highly successful Scrum delivery practitioners.

    LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ahiles

    Web: https://agilerocks.co.uk

  • Steve Trapps

    Steve has over 20 years of IT experience in various roles, ranging from Scrum Master for various development teams, Technical Architect on high profile projects to a Developer who is just happy to be coding away. During this time, Steve has worked for sector-leading companies BSkyB, Nestle UK and Procter & Gamble whilst also working for small to medium enterprises to help them to grow their business by supporting their development processes and the teams within.

    In addition to being a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org, Steve is a TOGAF certified architect and a former Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

    Steve has worked in various teams (Scrum and none Scrum) so comes packed with real life experience. From Start Ups building the next social media network up to large corporations handling thousands of transactions a second. If you want to learn from someone who has been there and done it, then Steve would be able to share experiences to help you on your way.

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/stevetrapps

    Website: www.TheAgileTrainer.com

  • Wojciech Walczak

    Agile, Systems Thinking & Lean practitioner who got pulled into consulting, teaching, training, coaching and research. Diverse Agile-related experience obtained on all organisational levels and in various companies, countries and cultures. Professional Scrum Trainer, i.e. eligible of providing Scrum.org courses. Strong believer in Agile as a pragmatic approach to new product development.

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wwalczak/

    Website: systemsthinkers.com
  • Paul Kuijten 

    Paul Kuijten is an experienced consultant, trainer and coach, working in new product development since 2002.

    He is is an active member of the worldwide agile community.

    Paul has trained thousands of people more effective ways to do new product development and regularly presents to various audiences. Paul is PSM III, and a Scrum.org certified trainer.

    Having introduced a different mindset in a lot of organizations, Paul knows about the pitfalls along the way and the hard work required. More importantly, Paul knows the rewards when you persevere. He helps organizations move towards more agility, and more effective product development.

    Paul Kuijten is a professional coaching, training and consulting on product development and ways to change and grow effectively. His passion is in enabling people and teams to try, fail, learn, thrive and then perform with astonishing results.

    Lately, Paul enjoys working with Product Owners and management in agile transformations. Primary environments have been Financial Services and Scale-Ups the last few years. There is potential is in everyone, and Paul can tap into it. Paul helps to create the right conditions for teams to become all that they can be.

    Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/paulkuijten

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