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At Advanced Product Delivery, we’ll help you improve the way you build your products and organisation through a professional focus.

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Scrum Training Courses

A framework for developing and sustaining complex products. It is the most adopted of all the agile frameworks.

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Visual Studio Courses

Visual Studio (TFS) is the leading ALM tool to support product development from requirement through build and test to deployment.

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Agile Training Courses

Agile is a broad range of frameworks and techniques that focus on using fast feedback, and an iterative incremental approach.

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Kanban Courses

Kanban is a flow based system that models current practices using transparency to improve. The key is using visibility and metrics to ask the right questions.

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How will you enhance your organisation?

By using evidence-based management to understand and improve your organisation through an iterative and incremental cycle.

Organisational Agility

Training Courses

Our expert training will enhance your skills and understanding of your role.

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A consultancy founded in experience.

Thousands of people in diverse industries in the private and public sectors have benefited from our training and consultancy.


We’ll work with you and your team to establish a rapport and understand your situation. We realise that organisations are as unique as individuals.


Change can be challenging. Having helped many clients adopt new tools and processes, we’re here to help you get the best from your teams.


Licensed with Scrum.Org, we are Professional Scrum Trainers and Engagement Managers. This means we’re recognised as expert facilitators.


We’ll bring a fresh perspective. Our training will give you a deeper understanding of the options open to you, your team and your organisation.


We’ve provided training, development, coaching and consulting to people and teams from a wide range of industries and sectors across the world.


We’re always looking at the next step forward. So we’ll work with you to find opportunities to make improvements in your organisation.

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